Although each project is unique, we follow 5 basic phases to ensure a smooth experience, regardless of the project’s scope.

Phase 1: Project Initiation

Each project starts with a brief call or visit in the showroom, during which we collect some information about your project and determine how we can best assist you. With this information we prepare your custom project proposal and determine your retainer fee based on the scope of the project.

We then schedule a meeting in the showroom. This is when you will meet the design team and review your proposal. Your designer will answer any questions you have and then collect additional details for the design phase of the process.

Phase 2: Research, Design, and Presentation

Upon receipt of the signed agreement and retainer, we will either visit the site to measure the space (if applicable) or work from architectural plans.

From here we prepare plans, research selections, and get preliminary estimates for all materials. A presentation meeting is scheduled in the showroom to review all proposed plans and selections.

Phase 3: Technical Drawings & Materials Contract

When the site is ready, we take final measurements and review scope of work with trade professionals for their estimating purposes.

Next we create technical drawings for all spaces, update all estimates and prepare your full contract with final plans, materials, and pricing.

Phase 4: Project Execution

This is when the space comes together. We order all the materials, coordinate schedules, and the installation takes place.

Phase 5: Completion

All work is reviewed and the final touches are completed. And last, this is the best part, you are able to begin to enjoy your new home!