How to Style Spring Decor In Your Home

Spring is in the air! And if you’re like us, your first instinct is to go in and redecorate your house. We’re here to help!

1. Go light—literally

It’s springtime, so it’s time to go light: not just light on the flowers and plants (although those can be great additions), but also with your use of color. Opt for lighter hues throughout your home: pale yellows, blues, greens, oranges, and pinks for the walls. Not only does this give a springtime vibe to the room, but it also makes the room feel open and warm. If you want some contrast, try using darker accents like pillows or rugs that bring out some of the colors you’ve used elsewhere in the room.

2. Bring it back to nature

One of the best ways to add a feeling of springtime into any room is by bringing in more natural elements. This doesn’t mean you have to haul a bunch of rocks and sticks into your living room (although that could work!), but instead look for things like wicker furniture or other pieces designed to mimic natural materials (like wood). These pieces will give any room an earthy feeling that automatically reminds people of springtime.

3. Keep it colorful

There’s no better time than spring to embrace color! Pick a color palette and stick with it when shopping for seasonal décor. Or mix things up by choosing a few different colors that match each other.

4. Focus on flowers

To really bring in the feeling of spring, surround yourself with flowers! Whether they’re real or fake, adding flowers to your space will instantly make it feel more lively. From delicate bouquets to big arrangements on tables, you can’t go wrong with flowers!

5. Add texture

Try finding patterns that match your initial decor to tie together the different areas of your house. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Accentuate different parts of a room with different colors or patterns.

Looking for additional assistance?

Whether you are accessorizing your space, renovating or building a new home, Town & Country Design Studio and The Mercantile by Town & Country Design Studio are here to help.

We want to elevate your unique style. A house is meant to be lived in. We can create a timeless, functional and livable space for you and your family. Each project is unique and your home should be a reflection of that.

At our first meeting in our studio, we would like to get to know you and your home. What is your style, how do you live in the space and what are you looking to accomplish? We will discuss budget and your needs. What you like about the space and what you would like to change. We ask you to bring in pictures of your existing space and any inspiration images you may have. This consultation will last about one hour.

We will then send you a Design Report of what we discussed and some ideas with budgets. If you like what you see, we will send you a proposal. Once we receive your signed proposal and deposit, we will schedule an in-home meeting if needed to get any measurements or picture we may need.

As a design firm, we have access to many vendors along with many years of design expertise. We can save you time and money and we will work with your budget and schedule.

One hour in studio consultation $250.00.

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