Services We Offer

Are you ready to make your dream home a reality?

We have the expertise and experience to develop a custom home design that is unique and tailored to your needs.

The services we offer are cabinetry and millwork design, hard finish selections, product sourcing and coordination, space planning design, and project management services.

Let’s dive deeper into hard finishes. They’re the surfaces and materials of your home, such as flooring, wall paneling, and paint, but also fireplaces, cabinetry, countertops, and even drawer handles.

These are the “permanent” aspects of the interior design, as opposed to “non-permanent” things like furniture or soft goods. Hard finishes also include external materials such as bricks, roofing, and driveway finishes.

Our team will work with you to make sure that every detail is just right, down to the placement of every drawer pull. We’ll also help coordinate all the details like plumbing fixtures and lighting, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! We simplify your project into manageable components for seamless results.

When selecting an interior design company, it is important to have a complete understanding from the start of their process and how they can meet your needs.

You can rely on us for expert advice and guidance every step of the way: from initial consultation to final installation.

If you are looking for an interior designer who will be there from start to finish, contact us today!

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