Pantry Organization

Back to School- Organizing the pantry for school lunches and snacks

Back to school is a time of transition for everyone, especially the kids. It’s a time of new routines and expectations, new classes and teachers, and new friends, which can be overwhelming. However, with proper planning, you can eliminate stress and ensure your family has everything they need when returning to school.

The key to stress-free back-to-school preparation is organization. A simple way to get organized is to start with the pantry.

An organized pantry makes it easy to see what you need—and what you don’t—so it will be a breeze when making lunch or packing a snack bag. A well-stocked pantry with healthy foods will help fuel their brains and bodies.

Organizing your pantry is like making a home for your food—it’s the first step to taking care of your family, and it can be a lot of fun! With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be ready for anything.

First, remove all those old boxes, jars, and bags you’ve been holding on to “just in case.” You’ll find when you’ve got a clean slate, it’s easier to think about what you need to keep and what you can toss.

Next, move on to sorting through what’s left: Think about categories—is there anything that belongs together? For example, group your baking ingredients in one place. You can also use containers or baskets to help organize different foods, like dry goods in one container and canned goods in another. When storing food in clear containers or bins, you’ll be able to see what you have at a glance, to make shopping easier and faster when you’re at the store.

Keep frequently used items at eye level so they’re  easy for kids to reach.

Finally, label everything so everyone knows where everything is stored. You can even label containers with pictures if your child is still learning to read.

After organizing your pantry, create a list of items to purchase at the store.

Set aside a shelf or basket in your pantry for lunch boxes and reusable water bottles. Doing so will make it easy and time efficient when running out the door.

Make this a fun experience and set yourself up for success this school year with an organized pantry.

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