Triple L Farm Project Spotlight

We are sharing details for the kitchen from our Triple L Farm Project for this month’s spotlight. This project, a new construction build, is on an existing cattle farm right here in Monmouth County, NJ. The clients, fulfilling a lifelong dream to own a farm, came to us knowing that a modern farmhouse was exactly what they wanted to complete this dream.

We had the pleasure of coming in on the project early during the planning process. This early involvement made a huge difference in the final outcome of the kitchen. The original architectural plans heavily focused on the structural elements and the esthetic of the exterior of the home.

The Triple L Farm Project clients recognized that the architectural plans were the perfect foundation for the new home, however they were lacking in spatial practicality and function for the interior spaces. The next step was to dedicate equal attention to the the flow of the interior spaces, in order for the home to meet the family’s wants and needs.

This is where we came in on the project. Town & Country Design Studio designer, Christine Bolton, notes that one of her favorite parts of this project was working closely with homeowner, Lillian and her daughter, Lauren. Together they re-worked the flow of the main living space, particularly in the kitchen area, serving as the family hub. “This is not only a working farm, but a working home and needed to function as such.”

Once the new layout was determined the finishes and farmhouse design came together naturally.

Farmhouse Style

Known for it’s feeling of warmth and comfort, farmhouse design mixes materials to create an effortlessly classic look. Coined from an incredibly practical place, farmhouse design was not a style but originated literally as a shelter for farmers. From the beginning, these homes were build from what was readily available from the land itself. For this reason, natural materials and textures; such as wood, metal, and stone have always been at the foundation of farm homes.

Modern Farmhouse

Today, Modern Farmhouse design integrates modern conveniences, updated design styles, and wide variety of materials, therefore shaping the evolution of what we now think of Farmhouse design. Use of natural materials have always been heavily emphasized in farmhouse design. Current updates like mixing warm wood tones with brighter whites are now common indicators of this style. Typically, although now more thoughtfully planned, there is still a blend of old and new elements incorporated into each space. Subtle detailing on cabinetry to infuse a more polished furniture feel are often incorporated with decorative moldings and trims.

Achieving the look

As a working farm, it’s only natural that this project would beg to celebrate the farmhouse style. Inspiration for this project was not only drawn from the existing buildings and livestock on the property, but also from the family who call it home.

Custom cabinetry allowed us to incorporate all the important design elements and practical function that the family wanted for this central space in the home.

Great materials and design are only successful when implemented by professionals with the same attention to detail as what was put into the preparation. We brought in Eric Seebald, of Seebald Construction LLC, to execute the kitchen installation.

Stained rustic alder wood beautifully offsets the crisp white of the cabinetry throughout the kitchen. This image offers a beautiful overview of all the special elements thoughtfully incorporated into this space. Mixed metals and materials throughout this space create an effortless yet interesting classic space to behold. Large windows at main cleaning sink overlook a beautiful view of the farm, each view a reminder of a dream coming true.

Long time acquaintance to the client, Interior Designer Robert Hesslein, infused some helpful expertise throughout the home, the the slightly rustic subway tile backsplash was one of those touches that beautifully pair’s with the Taj Mahal quartzite countertops used throughout the kitchen. A single rustic wood shelf supported by custom brass brackets are the perfect focal point for a collection of favorite things.

The client’s knew they wanted beams throughout the first floor, reminiscent of traditional barn structures. In addition to the kitchen, Seebald was tasked with creating these beams and columns for the home.

Details Count

Whether seeking farmhouse esthetic because you are a farmer in need of stylish shelter or just love the modern interpretation of this iconic look, materials and details are key to successfully getting this look. Check out some of the purposeful details we incorporated into this project to get the style just right!

Core of the Kitchen

Originally. farm kitchens centered around the iconic farm table, today kitchens more commonly revolve around a center island. Most islands wear many hats, which vary based on the kitchen.

This island was designed to offer the best of everything for the room’s central axis. Finishing details paired with luxury hardware crafted in England give the look of fine furniture. A prep sink located near the stove, storage, seating, and ample countertop space means this island is up for anything.

Open Shelving

The client, an avid cook, wanted a place in the kitchen where she could display and easily access her cookbook collection.

“She didn’t want them stored in the island” Christine remembers of the design process. Together they agreed that open shelving tucked between the range and the refrigerator was an ideal location for this storage.

Namesake Fixtures

This kitchen has not one, but two beautiful white fireclay farm sinks for wash and prep use. The main cleanup sink, pictured right, is beautifully framed in an base that matches the accent finish in the kitchen.

This sink base feels like an old piece of furniture. This look is achieved by adding details like the arched toe area and extending the base forward from the adjacent cabinets.

Proper Storage

Not just an attractive accent, these pullout baskets are a nod to the origins of a farm kitchen where practicality was king. Perfect for keeping produce off the counters and close by where you will need them, and best yet the offer optimal storage conditions.

Farmhouse design is a scheme that is easy to live with and is intended to be a unique curation of those who inhabit the spaces. Whether it is through some simple styling choices or a large construction project, if you are looking to infuse farmhouse style in your home, we encourage you to make it your own.

Our clients came to us with a great vision of what they wanted this home to be. Through collaboration, we were able to use our expertise to bring their dream kitchen to life. We are proud to be part of making this dream a reality for them. We sincerely hope they love this space as much as we enjoyed creating it with them.

Meet Triple L Farm

As you probably have gathered, Triple L Farm is not just what we have lovingly dubbed this project as. It is the actual name of the farm itself. New Jersey’s small size, proximity to large cities and shore lines sometimes overshadow our agricultural attributes. This farm is a special place, celebrating the reason our state is known as the Garden State. We encourage you to follow them on Instagram to follow along their journey.

Triple L Farm Project Spotlight Sourcing

Design and Materials (as specified in this article): Town & Country Design Studio

Cabinetry installation and custom beam work: Seebald Construction

Photography: Chris Delaney

Photoshoot Staging: Kristen Mehl and T&C Mercantile with client’s personal accessories.

Backsplash Tile: Tiled Interiors

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